Professor's Forge Bladesmithing

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Products and Services

Most of the knives I make are custom, and made to the description of the customer. I enjoy the design process, and will work with you to make a unique knife or sword that suits your needs. This work is painstaking, and a knife takes several weeks, while a custom sword requires months. Upon completion, I will provide a custom piece of functional craftsmanship and a photo essay documenting the process.

Services offered:

1 Historically Inspired: Knives, Swords, Knife Kits... everything from bare blades to complete pieces complete with adornment. I can also provide a blade, plus the materials to complete the project yourself, as a kit.  I excel at Chinese dao and jian, as well as seaxes and messers, though I can make anything from the Early Iron Age through the beginning of the factory period. Also, Sheffield and American Bowies are a fervent interest of mine. You pay for a knife or sword, and you get thousands of hours of historical research that has gone into it's design for free.

Working Knives: I have recently decided to make a line of Texan Working Knives. These are hard use knives meant to be taken into intense environments, and used daily. I began making knives for use on our farm, and that is where these designs began. In fact, I still live on a farm, but it isn't as demanding as the Texan farm/ranch was. These knives will have a blade with optimal geometry and heat treatment by me in my very-accurate, propane-fired heat treatment kiln. They have a relatively wide blade, with a spine that is thick enough to take tremendous stress, and a razor sharp edge with a flat/convex grind for strength. My knives will not have extra curves, additional bevels, handles with sharp corners or unpleasant texture. Form follows function - this is a truism, and should not be avoided. The knives are quite attractive, but they will not have any features that are solely decorative. Every aspect of the knife will serve one or more deliberate functions.  I am a blacksmith, and I have studied chemistry and physics, I grew up working on farms, and I have worked with the military, law enforcement, and corrections. All of these experiences have informed my knife making. I have the skills and knowledge to make knives that will stand the tests that life throws at them.

2. Finishing and  Techniques... can be monosteel, monosteel with hamon, subtle pattern welding with hamon in the Japanese and Chinese traditions (contrasting iron with steel, or steels with different carbon levels), or the more vivid Western pattern welding (contrasting nickel-bearing with carbon steels). I can do a number of patterns, from laminates to multiple bars and twists.

3. Pattern-Welded Bar Stock... I will furnish pattern-welded bar stock for those who would like to make their own projects from Damascus steel.

4. Welded cable barstock, blades, or complete pieces.

5. Smelted and refined steel can be provided in the form of barstock, bare blades, or complete pieces.

Prices range from $80 for bare blades to $1000 for pattern-welded swords, and more for swords made from smelted and refined steel.

Monosteel knives range between $100 and $200 (maybe more in unique instances)

Pattern-welded knives range between $200 and $350

There also will be pieces available here from time to time. If you see one you like, email me!

Thanks for looking!