Professor's Forge Bladesmithing

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This is the nagel and guard of a grosse messer.

400 layer broken-back seax, made from low manganese 1075 and 15n20. Walnut handle, hammered copper bolster ad pommel plate. 16" overall length, with a 16" overall length. 10" blade, 6" handle.

This one is recycling at its best. It is an old file, an old pipe, and an old board. These were made into a puukko with 4.5" blade and active, vivid, hamon. I get a lot of worn out files by making swords, and they have good steel and are nice for hamon formation.

1400 layer, goose-quill dao. 28" blade, brass fittings with engraving, presentation grade curly maple stained with aqua fortis for the sheath. This has a subtle grain structure and heat treatment pattern (hamon to Japanese, shangxue to the Chinese). The steel is a combination of W2, 1018, and low manganese 1075. The ratio is 2:1:2 for these steels.

Full-tang, W2 hunter, with rosewood. Brass fittings, and active hamon. 5" blade, 4.5" handle.

"Baby Bowie"

7" blade, W2. Wrought iron, copper, and mild steel fittings. Curly Oak with some insect holes, stained with aqua fortis. One of my favorite styles, and quite popular.

Here is a w-2, textured copper, and koa knife that I made as a total user. It is for a friend, but I am happy to make others like  it. I love to make this particular design, or other similar. It is what I make when I want a knife for myself for hunting or camping, too. This is a hard-use work knife for a Texas cowboy. Knives can be extremely important in such situations, and this wide and relatively thick is robust yet good at cutting. This is the pinnacle of working knives - 3/16" thick spine with distal taper and tapered tang for lighter weight, distribution of mass, and distribution of stresses. Relatively wide, razor sharp blade. Differentially heat treated, with a hamon that is hard to see in this picture. My friend is a Cowboy, a Firefighter, and an Ex-Marine (Marine - you are never really an, "ex" marine), and this knife is perfect for him.

This is a pattern I created, called River Eddy. It is a 4-bar mosaic. The steels are 15N20 and W2, and the handle is ebony. The bolster is also pattern welded. This is inspired by Swedish knives., with a ricasso and small choil. The fit of the curved guard to the blade was a pleasing task, and the complex grind gives a reinforced point and a unique look to the blade. Future editions will have more-deeply carved handle with finger grooves